Thursday, September 23, 2010

Teenager's room makeover!

Cleanliness is not top priority when it comes to my teenage son's room! The dust bunnies and dirty clothes aside... this room was in great need of a makeover. I took down his dust collecting blinds (allergies) and repainted the builder grade beige in a "suedey" gray called Summit Gray. I found some drapes with black out lining at Lowes that work beautifully. I also painted the bed in a black satin and removed the bed skirt. I then covered the box spring with a fitted sheet... this discourages shoes, clothes, and junk from hiding under the bed. He loves the results and hopefully he will keep it clean and tidy!
Sad to say but this is actually clean... aside from the paint supplies.

Ahhh, much better.
We now refer to it as the " Guest room."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall is upon us...

Fall is finally creeping in to my neck of the woods. Thank goodness because we have had one of the hottest Summers on record. Every Spring and Fall, I change much of my decor in and outside of my home. I especially love creating a seasonal room on my front porch.
This is an image of a beautiful porch (not mine) through an inviting cottage gate.
Fun and festive.

Fall wreath for you front door.

This is a beautiful front porch. Mums in urns are simple and gracious.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I think that collections are about expressing your passions. When I was a kid, people collected stamps, thimbles, baseball cards, coins, etc. I really did not collect anything until recently.

I love my Jack Russell Terrier, Lulu! This love sparked my passion for collecting antique and vintage dog prints. Many of these prints are acquired without frames. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for antique frames. If I can find one with the original bubble glass... that makes my week!

Whatever you collect, most things can be found at auctions, flea markets, garage sales, and eBay. Some of my prints are reprints of old pieces like the one above of a terrier. This is a beautiful print that my dear friend, Lesley gave to me. It has center stage in my collection.

This image is part of a sketch done of Lulu and my kids when Lulu was a puppy.
"Five O'clock Tea"

This is one of my favorite pictures as it depicts dogs, cats, ducks and chickens. It is a lithograph from 1893, by W.H. Trood.
This is an original 1930's print by Lucy (Mac) Dawson.

This is a photo of my collection of antique dog prints. I enter my house and I love the "Ahhh" moment that I get just looking at this art!