Tuesday, April 26, 2011

     I grew up in a house where everything was brand new. I think I got my love for antiques while visiting my Grandma Sarah's house. She had a lovely mix of old and new and all things comfortable and loved. I received her empire style marble top table that now lives in my family room and is my favorite piece of furniture... because it came from my Grandma!
      I love old prints and have posted my antique dog prints on a previous post. I found some prints on eBay of bird eggs, birds, and a lemon horticulture print. I wanted to frame them in antique frames and have patiently waited and shopped over the years for the right frame for each print. This robin print is in  a great old frame with a bit of molding missing.... that just adds character.

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  1. So true. New becomes dated, but classic elegance is timeless. Great post!