Tuesday, April 26, 2011

     I grew up in a house where everything was brand new. I think I got my love for antiques while visiting my Grandma Sarah's house. She had a lovely mix of old and new and all things comfortable and loved. I received her empire style marble top table that now lives in my family room and is my favorite piece of furniture... because it came from my Grandma!
      I love old prints and have posted my antique dog prints on a previous post. I found some prints on eBay of bird eggs, birds, and a lemon horticulture print. I wanted to frame them in antique frames and have patiently waited and shopped over the years for the right frame for each print. This robin print is in  a great old frame with a bit of molding missing.... that just adds character.
This print is also over 100 years old and I bought it off eBay for  less than $5. I held on to this print for over 3 years until I found the right frame for it. This Fall I found this frame at the flea market. The guy who was selling it had it propped up to the side as it was literally falling apart and held together with string. I relished the challenge of putting this great ole frame back together and bought it for $3. So much of the fun is in the hunt and then putting things together in the way that suits my style and needs. I even like the parts of the frame where the bits are missing!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wakefield High School Plant Sale

Each Spring, I look forward to the Wakefield High School Plant Sale with great anticipation! The flowers, herbs, and vegetable plants are just about the healthiest plants I have ever seen. I almost "itch" with excitement to get my garden and pots established for the warm weather. The sale is at the high school from April 7-11, 10-6.
Wakefield High School
2200 Wakefield Pines Dr.
Raleigh, NC
The horticulture department is run and taught by Jodi Riedel. Jodi is one of those teachers who becomes the students' favorite and most influential teachers. She inspires a love for horticulture in her students and many go on to study this in college. Jodi says, "The plant sale is the perfect opportunity to support youth and the local agricultural push." Also, all the money raised goes directly back to the education of the students and the program... it is sustainable.

This is the Year of the Vegetable. It is becoming increasingly popular and often necessary to establish vegetable gardens in our backyards. Even if you have very little ground or none at all... there are practical solutions. Many of my neighbors grow their tomatoes and herbs in pots. Hay bales are also a great substitute if you are pressed for space. There is a display at the plant sale that will help you see how it works!

Monday, April 4, 2011

"paint-a-day" blog

About a year ago, my friend Blaire, told me about her passion for reading decorating and art blogs. One, in particular, that inspires me is Postcard from Provence. The artist, Julian Merrow- Smith paints a landscape or still life nearly everyday and emails it out to his followers. These paintings are oil on board and approximately 16 cm x 14 cm. They are also up for auction each day. It is a nice present in my email and one I look forward to.
I love this painting of peonies.... it is my favorite!


"paint-a-day" blog

This painting of strawberries in a handmade clay bowl is just so beautiful and inviting! He captures the light on the strawberries. Looks yummy to me!