Thursday, July 8, 2010


I want my blog to be about the things that inspire me and things that I love. My little dog, Lulu, is one of the most precious things in my life. We got Lulu when we were traveling in Western North Carolina. We had left our older dog at home and wanted to pick up a little toy for him.... We came across this little place called "Fish and Pets" on the side of the highway in Hendersonville. In this little country pet store was a litter of tiny Jack Russell mix pups. I picked up Lulu and it was all over. She was about the size of a baby guinea pig! This is by far the best spontaneous action that I have ever taken. We proceeded home to Atlanta with our tiny prize and named her after one of my beloved Aunts. They are, both, very spunky and cool! Lulu will be 7 on August 28th, and, of course, we will be celebrating.
This picture is of Lulu dressed as Tinkerbell for Halloween.

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