Sunday, July 11, 2010

Potted gardens

One of the first things that I try to create, whether if it is for staging or for decorating, is to "build" a nice potted arrangement. Lately, I have been using tall urns as I really like the height. However, it really depends on the style of the house and what you feel looks best. I tend to think it is better to go larger than small with potted plants.
I recommend getting some perennials (even small shrubs) and then filling in with your annuals in the Spring and Fall. I like to add a lot of texture and plants that have different shades of green in the foliage. It tends to make the arrangement "pop." The more plants that can fit... the better. It is better to have it looking full right away!
I think having a beautiful pot at the entrance dresses up the entrance and makes it more inviting.

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